Adventure Air Sports offers the latest and greatest in attractions at our parks and with extreme attractions inevitably comes safety risks. We at Adventure are committed to the safety and well being of all our guests which is why we do all we can to ensure your safe participation. As participating members of the International Association of Trampoline Parks, we stay up to date on standards and best practices outlined by ASTM International. We truly believe that safety starts with us and being in compliance with our equipment is just the beginning.

Our staff are fully trained on not only the specific rules for each attraction but also to recognize and advise against any potential safety risks. We have worked closely with the Trampoline & Adventures Advisory Group to certify our Flight Crew and Management team in Safety & Risk Management.

Your participation in safety is crucial to ensure that your time at Adventure Air Sports is as amazing as possible. Watching our safety video and reading the rules posted throughout the park will inform you of best practices on trampolines and other attractions and ensure that your visit doesn’t result in injury.


Flight Crew: Our flight crew moves throughout our park to monitor compliance with park rules. They are present to assist with safe jumping practices, and injury assistance if needed.

Items: We are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged personal property brought into or stored on the premises.

Springs: Efforts have been made to cover all springs between our trampoline beds to help avoid jumpers falling on, through, or in between the springs and steel framing.

Equipment: Our staff regularly maintains the equipment and performs daily inspections in an effort to identify and replace worn down parts.

Padded Posts: Steps have been taken to secure pads to all metal posts in the jumping arenas to help protect jumpers from injury.

Strategic Netting: Where appropriate, netting is in place in an effort to help contain jumpers on the trampoline.

Foam Pits: Our pits are engineered with trampolines to assist with a clear pathway to the foam below.

Flight Grip Socks: Adventure Air Sports jump socks are required for all jumpers. These socks are available for purchase at $3 per pair.

Signage: Safety signage is posted at the entrance of the park. During flight, our staff will gladly remind you of these rules should you happen to forget while you’re having fun.



Source: Consumer Product Safety Commission



  1. All who enter must have a signed waiver.
  2. All participants under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian.
  3. Participants must use all equipment in a safe and responsible manner.
  4. Children under the age of 13 should never be left unattended.
  5. Absolutely no double bouncing.
  6. Adventure Air Sports grip socks only on trampolines.
  7. Remove all sharp or pointy objects from clothing.
  8. Jewelry and other loose articles must be removed before entering any jump space.
  9. No running, racing or tag.
  10. No sitting, wrestling, or lying down on mats.
  11. No climbing the trampoline walls.
  12. Prevent collisions with other jumpers by paying attention to your surroundings at all times.
  13. No gum, food, or drinks are allowed in the trampoline arena.
  14. Consult a doctor prior to jumping regarding all medical conditions including: asthma, diabetes, pregnancy, etc.


  1. Do not double bounce, which is described as attempting to propel someone higher by timing a jump as another lands on the trampoline. This may also occur when jumping on a trampoline pad with others in close proximity, so you should avoid simultaneously jumping with others close by. It is especially dangerous for larger people to double bounce smaller people.
  2. Do not sit or lay on the court. If you are tired and need to rest, you must exit the court.
  3. Wear appropriate clothing. Clothes must be free of hanging zippers, belts, and strings.
  4. Please remove all jewelry. Please empty your pockets and remember no gum, candy or food allowed.
  5. Flips and other tricks are dangerous. Perform at your own risk only if you have sufficient skill to avoid injuring yourself and others.
  6. Be alert. Be aware and considerate of those around you. Jump with people that are of similar size.
  7. No climbing. Do not climb on walls or netting and do not touch basketball apparatus.
  8. No Drugs or Alcohol Permitted. Do not use a trampoline when under the influence.
  9. No tackling, pushing, or participating in any other activity that may unnecessarily interfere with the jumping or concentration of another participant. No running/relay races across trampolines.
  10. Hitting the frame. Jumpers should stay in the center of the trampoline when jumping. Injury may  result from hitting the frame when control is lost. Do not jump directly onto the safety pad.
  11. Incorrect transfer from trampolines to the decking, or platform areas. Improper transfer can result in broken ankles or other injuries. Please walk from the trampoline to decking areas.
  12. Foreign objects. Jumping with a foreign object can also increase the chances of getting injured. This includes keys, phones, and cameras.


  1. Participants must weigh under 275lbs.
  2. Do Not Attempt Flips or Somersaults – Landing on the head or neck may cause serious injury, paralysis, or death even when landing on the mat.
  3. Do Not Sit or Lay anywhere on the NINJA OBSTACLE COURSE. If you are tired and need to rest, you must exit the course.
  4. Wear Appropriate Clothing: Clothes must be free of hanging zippers, belts, and strings. Please remove all jewelry. Please empty your pockets and remember no gum, candy, or food and drinks allowed.
  5. Be Alert: Be aware and considerate of those around you. Only attempt an obstacle if all others are free and clear away from obstacle.
  6. Only one participant per element or series of elements that make up an obstacle. Example: “A Sea of Rings” may have multiple ropes per attachment bar and there may be multiple attachment bars with ropes and rings attached. The collection of ropes and rings constitute one element.
  7. No Climbing or attempting dangerous tricks. Only use Obstacles how they are Intended to be used. Do not climb on aluminum truss frames, on columns or on top. Perform at your own risk and skill level to avoid injuring yourself or others.
  8. No tackling, pushing or participating in any other activity that may unnecessarily interfere with the obstacle course attempts by any participant. No running or relay races through course.
  9. Foreign Objects: Attempting Obstacles with a foreign object can also increase the chance of getting injured. This includes keys, phones, and cameras.
  10. No Drugs or Alcohol Permitted: Do not use the Obstacle Course if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This could impair your judgement and cause you injury, paralysis, or death.
  11. Participants should be in good health and able to withstand strenuous activity.
  12. Operators and Adventure Air Sports Staff are here to provide guidance and if injury occurs will call for emergency help only. Any physical assistance and medical care must be provided by a trained professional only.


  1. One jumper at a time per lane.
  2. Please wait for your turn.
  3. No sitting or lying down on the  mats.
  4. Always land on your feet or seat.
  5. Absolutely no diving.
  6. Absolutely no “gainers”.
  7. No landing on your head or stomach.
  8. Stay visible. do not bury yourself or others in the foam.
  9. No throwing or picking at the foam.
  10. Keep the foam in the pit.
  11. Please remove all jewelry. please empty your pockets and remember no gum, candy or food allowed.
  12. Jumping with a foreign object can also increase the chances of getting injured. this includes keys, phones, and cameras.

The list above is not all-inclusive and we cannot list all the activities that may lead to injury. Please consult a physician prior to attempting obstacle course or jumping on trampolines regarding all medical conditions.  Please do not attempt any maneuvers above your skill level.

Warning: Failing to abide by the rules below and posted at the park may result in serious injury, paralysis, or death.

Adventure Air Sports would like to invite you to come experience our state-of-the-art world class extreme recreation park. Offering a variety of attractions from a very large trampoline main court with parkour elements, to one of the largest Ninja Warrior obstacle courses in the area. Fly high above our foam pits on our indoor zip line or challenge your friends to the top of our climbing wall. Jump to new heights on Mad Maxx, the only Supertramp in Rock Hill. This just names a few of the amazing attractions we have at Adventure Air Sports. You really have to see it to believe it. Adventure Air Sports is great for all ages and is the perfect spot to host Birthday parties, group events, field trips or even team building events. We’ve got so much to offer, the only thing missing is you!