Adventure Air Sports is so excited to be back open to the public. With the changing times, we are always adapting and making sure that our guests have a safe and unforgettable experience with us. We have worked countless hours preparing the park to fit within the CDC guidelines for health and safety. We are constantly cleaning and sanitizing all areas within the park. We purchased special equipment to make sure that every surface that is touched, is sanitized.

Another way that we are ensuring the safety of our guests and our employees is the use of pre-shift surveys and temperature readings before each shift! We make sure that all of our employees are wearing masks at all times, as well as participating in the constant cleaning loops. We have checklists to ensure that these loops are constantly being completed.

We know that during uncertain times, it is hard to navigate; however, we are here to provide a safe environment for all ages to get out of their houses and get some exercise while having fun.

For more information about ALL of the steps we have taken to ensure guest and employee safety, check out the link below.